Attitude determines Altitude. Stay positive and life will reward you.

Attitude determines Altitude. Stay positive and life will reward you.

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Widely regarded as one of the foremost mentors in the world, David C.M. Carter’s tried and tested techniques are the secret behind some of the biggest successes in entertainment, sport and business.

To coincide with the release of his book Breakthrough, which aims to offer these xxx, we have been offering you an exclusive look at some of the tried and tested 'breakthrough' secrets featured in the book to start you on the road towards becoming the very best version of yourself that you can be, taking you one step closer to living the enriched and happy life you’ve always wanted to live.

In this third post we discover how your attitude can have a direct effect on your success levels and how unfortunate events can often be the catalyst for your greatest and most positive personal adventures.

In the same way that the Chinese character for ‘crisis’ comprises the signs for both ‘danger’ and ‘opportunity’, I refuse to accept that there’s such a thing as ‘disaster’. Rather, I subscribe to the idea that anything that doesn’t kill you is an opportunity to learn.

When I’m looking at a complex or sad situation I often wonder, what on earth the opportunity to learn might be in this situation?

Like most people I’ve been through some pretty jolting and difficult experiences in my life. But, you know, if you talk to elderly people and ask them to look back on their lives, they always tell you their war stories. They always tell you the things that went wrong and that they overcame. They always tell you about the scrapes and the narrow misses.

These are the things of which they are most proud because these are the things that they learned the most from — the things that eventually turned them into the people they became.

The point is, there’s always an equal and opposite positive to every negative. It’s not that the disaster doesn’t exist. The negative, the pain, the hurt, the sadness, may all be present — but there is an equal and opposite emotion going on as well that we choose, in a moment of crisis, not to look at, not to talk about.

As you become more conscious, you can close the time gap between what you perceive at the time to be negative and what you see later as positive. We have this fixed view that things are either good or bad in life when in fact they are always both.

Taking every step to avoid hurt, or simply trying to be someone who is completely invulnerable to hurt or mishap, and who never makes a mistake, compromises the Self to such a terrible extent that we might as well not be alive at all.

Part of being human means exposing ourselves to the risks of life — and that means emotional risks too. And sometimes we will get hurt. But we should always be kind to ourselves. If we are hurt emotionally, we should remember that a new love will come along — even if we find that hard to believe at first.

Life is more generous to us than we sometimes realize. Stay positive, hold on to your own thoughts regarding what is helpful and kind and generous, and life will reward you and make you realize you already are, and always were, whole. And soon you will feel fully alive again.

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