Are you ready for Rapture?

Are you ready for Rapture?

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JR Ward's incredible new novel Rapture is published this September.

We're so super excited for readers to sink their teeth into it that we're giving them a short preview of the first six sentences in Chapter One. Believe us, if you're not hooked by the time you finish, we'll eat our hats . . .


And not as in serious. As in headstone and freshly disturbed earth, as in a body down under, as in ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Matthias was naked on a grave. In the middle of a cemetery that
stretched out as far as he could see.

First thing he thought of was the back tats he’d made his men get, the ones of the Grim Reaper standing in a field of marble and granite slabs.

Fucking ironic, really – and maybe he was going to get sliced and diced by a sycthe at any second.

Try saying that three times fast . . .'

If that's just the beginning, can you even begin to imagine the rest of the book? We can, but we can't tell you. See for youself on the 25th of September when Piatkus publishes Rapture, the fourth book in the Fallen Angels series.


And be sure to visit JR Ward's website on more information on the Fallen Angels series and all of her other dark and sensual paranormal romances . . .

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