Are you having constant food cravings? Break the cycle with The Little Book of Diet Help

Are you having constant food cravings? Break the cycle with The Little Book of Diet Help

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If that mid-afternoon craving for a bar of chocolate, a biscuit or a packet of crisps is getting you down, it’s time to break the cycle and make a change.This simple CRAVING BLASTER exercise from The Little Book of Diet Help will help you to break free from your craving and get on with your day:

    • Stand up
    • Put your arms out in front of you, palms up, bend your elbows and make your hands into fists
    • Think of the craving you want to let go of
    • Take in a deep breath and as you do swing your arms up behind you and above your head.
    • As you loudly exhale swing your arms down in front of you, opening up your hands and your palms facing upwards
    • Repeat three times
    • End by placing one hand on your heart and the other on your belly. Close your eyes and take three deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling through your nose
    • You will find yourself feeling happier, lighter and freer

The Little Book of Diet Help is THE weight-loss book you’ve been waiting for. Its quick tips, simple strategies and straightforward advice are for real people, with real lives, who want to make a change.

Kimberly Willis is a successful weight-loss specialist who runs courses and works with individual clients to help them lose weight. Her techniques help her clients to become naturally slimmer, healthier and happier with their bodies. For more information, visit

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