An Ode to the Odd Heroine – an exclusive piece by Sarah MacLean

An Ode to the Odd Heroine – an exclusive piece by Sarah MacLean

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PLEASE NOTE: this post is inspiring, uplifting and funny. And read very well with some underlying theme music . . .



An Ode to the Odd Heroine


We cannot all be perfect.

In fact, none of us are perfect. And if you are . . . I don’t want you sitting near me. Honestly. Go find somewhere else to sing arias and have birds alight on your shoulders. There’s no room by me.

I’m hanging out with the oddities. You know who you are: you sing a little too loud, or feel a little too awkward in large groups; you have a crooked nose or one leg shorter than the other; you use words in conversation that others don’t – like torque. Or portico. You’ve been described for much of your life as ‘interesting,’ or ‘unique,’ like those aren’t good things.

They aren’t good things. They’re great things.

Today, I sing to the oddities. To girls who wear glasses and smart women and ladies who try their hardest – and fail – to be ladylike. Come sit by me, nerds and wallflowers and frizzy-haired women and those of you who snort when you laugh. Especially those of you who snort when you laugh (you’re my favorite).

Here’s to oddity abandon. Here’s to wrinkles and bumps and barks of laughter and saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. Here's to strange, horrifying hairs that sprout on our chins and to knowledge of science. And math. And obscure pieces of poetry.

Here’s to talking to ourselves. And reading while we walk. And knowing the answer.

Here’s to truth. Here’s to odd.

Here’s to strange women who deserve love and find it in the best of ways.


You may all come sit by me.





Sarah MacLean’s latest book, One Good Earl Deserves a Lover, features an odd heroine who is not at all autobiographical. Not. At. All.








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