A dangerous killer is on the loose in Linda Howard's latest novel PREY

A dangerous killer is on the loose in Linda Howard's latest novel PREY

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If you can't get enough of heart-stopping suspense and thrilling romance, then look no further than New York Times bestselling author, Linda Howard's latest novel Prey – out now!


Linda Howard's new novel is filled to the brim with pulse-stopping, sexy, suspenseful adventure and breathless romance, as the hunter becomes the hunted . . .

Following the death of her father, Angie Powell takes over his business as a wilderness guide in the majestic Montana mountains. Business is booming until enigmatic ex-soldier Dare Callahan returns from service and sets up as a rival guide. His hardy exterior and battle scars are an attractive combination for those looking to hire a tough type to help them tackle the mountains – and three years on, Angie's business is feeling the impact of Dare's return.
However, Dare's sights are set on something other than business, and it's Angie he's looking to steal away, rather than her clients. Angie wants nothing to do with him, especially as she blames him for her failing business, but she has to put her feelings to one side when they are suddenly thrust together. An animal with a thirst for human blood is on the loose and it's up to Angie and Dare to stop it before it kills again . . .
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